1. We define where we want to go

Our trajectory is a function of direction multiplied by force. Most companies work really hard, but they don't have a clear direction. We review our direction every week, we don't seek consensus, we seek the truth.

2. We apply relentless pressure

We will it into existence. We set a goal, and then we do it. We keep coming back, there is relentless pressure. Us or them. Kill, or be killed.

3. We are not desperate

Desperation leads to loss. There is never a reason to get truly desperate. Most problems are external and self-imposed, larger than we make them seem. If you are desperate to find answers, you will get to fragile solutions.

4. We take breaks

Execute ruthlessly, break, reflect, improve 5%, plan next cycle, repeat. Do that as many times per year as possible = massive growth.

5. We do things right

It's too easy to think that things will just take care of themselves We always go the extra mile to identify root causes of problems, and rip them out.

6. We only aim for the sun

If today, you set out on a do-or-die plan to run 25 kilometers, you might succeed. But, if you went out to run 250 kilometers you would at least get to kilometer 100, after which you might drop dead. We aim high and expect to hit our target. Where others are impressed, we have already moved on to the next step in our plan. Changing an industry requires a different way of sizing things up, and a willingness to self-destruct in the process.

7. We don't check our phones during a workout

We rather create a product that a small group of people absolutely love, than a product a lot of people kind of like. We focus on one thing at a time and try to do that really well. We don’t start the next thing until the first is finished.

8. We pick up the trash.

There is unrestricted ownership on all levels. We spot-check by holding one another accountable to Upfront's standards. Within Upfront, we take on ownership and responsibility for difficult tasks eagerly. We commit, don’t back out, and never expect others to take over.

9. We talk

We communicate constantly and clearly, you try to speak your mind. Poor communication is never an excuse for poor performance, never excepted, and unworthy of the Upfront team.

10. We meet

Most companies believe in as few meetings as possible. That is stupid. Innovation happens when ideas have sex, not online, but in a room.

11. We question

To succeed we have to make sure we find the truth all the time. We try really hard to be honest about where we stand, so we can abandon bad ideas quickly. Fuck sunk costs, its the truth that matters. But, we also question what’s normal, and why things are done the way they are

12. We walk the line between order and chaos

We Identify high reward risks, and take them, constantly. We're done when we are the largest food company in the world.